Common Form, Inc. launches new 1040EZ tax preparation product

Press Release | February 28, 2014, 11:11 AM PT

San Diego, February 28, 2014 –– Common Form, Inc. today announced the launch of its modern cloud-based tax preparation product, enabling individuals to quickly and easily file their taxes using almost any connected device. Common Form aims to revolutionize how the tens of millions of Americans with simple taxes prepare and file their federal returns. By narrowly focusing on Form 1040EZ, Common Form drastically shortens and simplifies tax preparation.

Filing taxes each year is a chore that virtually no one enjoys. Trying to understand the complex U.S. tax code is made more frustrating for consumers by the irrelevant questions and barrage of sales offers that many tax software providers hit them with. The goal of Common Form is to have the fastest, easiest tax product imaginable. “We can’t reform the tax code, so we’re doing the next best thing — drastically simplifying the process of doing your taxes,” said Charles Logston, co-founder of Common Form.

“In addition to making taxes drop dead simple,” Mr. Logston continued, “we pledge to be transparent, honest, and fair in everything we do. With the current tax software providers, too many customers spend hours slogging through their taxes, only to end their experience shocked and surprised at the price they’re expected to pay. We see this as an opportunity, and to earn customers’ trust we’re making our product completely free in 2014. No hidden charges, no gotchas, not a single place to enter your credit card number.”

While simplicity and transparency set Common Form apart from the competition, the startup’s passionate use of agile software development principles have enabled it to move fast and be nimble. “We’ve achieved a tremendous amount in a very short period of time,” said Austin Marron, co-founder. “What started out as a relatively simple idea has evolved into a fully functioning product in just over 3 months.”

Since the startup began on November 22, 2013, it has achieved a number of impressive milestones:

  • They became an IRS authorized e-file provider on February 13, 2014
  • The startup launched a beta version of the product on February 17, 2014
  • They successfully transmitted their first customer’s tax return to IRS on February 18th, exactly 100 days after founding the company
  • And today, Common Form is thrilled to announce its general launch to the public

About Common Form, Inc.

Common Form is a modern cloud-based tax preparation product, developed with the mission of making tax preparation simple, fast, and fair. Customers can file their federal taxes in minutes from almost any connected device for free by visiting Common Form is based in San Diego, CA and was founded by Austin Marron, Charles Logston, and Bill Hendricks.

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