R0000-503-01 SSN or Name Mismatch

 Unfortunately, your e-file was rejected by the IRS because your spouse's Social Security number and last name does not match the IRS's records. The IRS receives this information from the Social Security Administration.

What you can do to fix this rejection

First, verify your spouse's information is correct

To correct this error, log back into your tax software and verify your spouse's personal info is correct. You can make any required corrections and retransmit your return.

If the information you entered is correct, call the Social Security Administration (SSA) at 1-800-772-1213 to verify your spouse's Social Security number, date of birth, and name. If the information from the SSA differs from what you entered, log back in to make the corrections and retransmit as described above.

Other Options

If the information you entered is the same as what the SSA has on record, you'll need to print and mail your return as any e-file attempts will continue to be rejected by the IRS. 

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