When can I file my 2015 taxes?



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Great question!  But what you really meant to ask is – when can I file my 2014 taxes?  It’s a bit confusing.  In 2015 you will be filing your 2014 taxes, settling up with Uncle Sam on the income you made in 2014. The short answer is - now!  File your taxes today.  For more important tax dates and deadlines, read on.

January 5, 2015

Common Form opened its virtual doors and started accepting 2014 tax returns.

January 20, 2015

IRS e-file goes live and begins processing returns.  If you file your taxes with us before Jan 20th, we'll transmit your return as soon as IRS is ready to process it.

February 2, 2015

Deadline for your employer to mail you your 2014 W-2.  Note this is a mailing deadline, not a receipt deadline, so if your company is slacking, it may take a few extra days to get it via snail mail.  Many employers offer electronic versions via the same website you can view your pay checks.

If you received unemployment income, this is also the deadline for the state(s) to provide you with a 1099-G.

Finally, this is deadline for banks to supply you with a 1099-INT reporting bank account interest you made.  Note that banks are only required to issue a 1099-INT if you made at least $10 of interest during the year, however you are still required to report it even if they don't send you one.  If you made less than $10, use your bank statements or online banking to determine the amount of interest you made.

April 15, 2015

Also known as “tax day.”  Most people believe this is the deadline to file your income taxes.  That’s close enough.  It’s actually a payment deadline rather than a filing deadline.  If you owe IRS additional taxes, you must file and pay them by this date to avoid fees and penalties.  However, if you’re getting a refund, this deadline doesn’t apply to you.  You can file for up to 3 years with no late fees or penalties. Read more about the deadline or file your taxes now.

If you want to, you could file an extension.  But extensions are fool’s gold – you still have to pay at least 90% of taxes owed.

October 15, 2015

If you filed an extension and owe additional taxes, this is your deadline to file your completed return and pay any remaining taxes owed.


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