Free Tax Software Is Bad

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One of the tax industry giants suffered a black eye today when they were forced to stop e-filing state tax returns for a period of time while they investigated a potential data breach. They’ve since announced there doesn’t appear to … Read More

Tax & Financial News of The Week

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Happy Friday! Although the weather is a little gloomy in San Diego, our mood is sunny and bright here at Common Form HQ! Why? Business is booming, the Super Bowl is this weekend, and besides, we need the rain. Plus, Monday (2/2/15) … Read More

Income Tax Basics, The Tax Refund

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  The Essentials Of Tax Refunds It’s tax season, and whether this is your first year filing a tax return or your 50th, you probably have some questions about your tax refund. We cover the basics in this short and sweet … Read More

IRS Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

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  Each year the IRS releases the dirty dozen tax scams, a list of the 12 most prevalent tax scams consumers need to be aware of.  The full list for 2015 hasn’t been released yet, so here’s 2014’s list. If … Read More

IRS E-file Opened Today

IRS e-File Opened Today IRS e-file opened today, January 20, 2015. If you’ve already filed with a software provider, they will transmit it to IRS on a first in, first out basis. IRS also began processing paper returns today. Here … Read More

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