Founders Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Bill Hendricks and Charles Logston, Co-Founders of Common Form share their thoughts on dealing with workplace conflict with Sue Shellenbarger of The Wall Street Journal.  The article titled To Fight, or Not to Fight ran in the paper edition and on on December 17, 2014.  

Quoting the article:

Bill Hendricks and Charles Logston avoided dealing with mounting tensions last January about when to launch a new product, an app for filing simple federal tax forms.Mr. Logston, chief technical officer and co-founder of Common Form Inc., San Diego, wanted to market the app early in the tax season. Mr. Hendricks, chief executive officer and also a co-founder, wanted to wait for Internal Revenue Service approval for using the app for e-filing. Mr. Hendricks says both were working as hard and fast as they could, and “we were sensitive about rocking the boat too much.”


When they did confront each other after a few weeks of tension, it was tough to keep their frustrations in check, and the conversation was more confrontational than they had planned. They agreed on a compromise and launched the app successfully just a couple of weeks later than planned, but both say they wish they had raised the issue sooner.Mr. Hendricks says, “It only becomes harder to deal with, the longer you wait.” Such disputes are common. More than 4 out of 5 corporate employees have conflicts with other employees over priorities, misunderstandings, resources or personality differences, and half of them say they turn out less work as a result, according to a recent survey of 150 employees by Harris Poll for AtTask, a Lehi, Utah, maker of project-management applications.

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