Tax Day 2015

 The deadline to file your taxes in 2015, also known as Tax Day, is April 15th.   Tax Day 2015 April 15th.  If you know one date about taxes, it’s this one.  However the most well known date in the tax … Read More

What is eFile?

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What is efile? How do you efile your taxes?  We explain it all in this short and sweet article.     What is efile? eFile, also known as e-file or electronic filing, is a system for submitting tax information to … Read More

What is a W-2?

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  What is a W-2? Simply put, a W-2 is a tax form your employer sends you, known as a Wage and Tax Statement. Sounds simple, then why are there so many boxes and codes? Familiarizing yourself with the most important parts of … Read More

Meaning of Box 12 of Your W-2

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The codes and amounts in Box 12 of your W-2 are important for preparing your return. Some codes affect your current year income tax return, and other codes are simply for your information. Enter them into Common Form and we’ll … Read More

How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent

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  Ever wonder how your hard-earned income tax dollars are spent by Uncle Sam?   Want to know what other taxes you’re probably paying?   We break it all down for you in this infographic.   Here are the details and … Read More

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